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Used in pathways:

Intertextuality in Orlando by Oscar Forshaw-Swift,

Orlando and intertextuality by Sam O'Sullivan,

Exploring the intertextual nature of Sally Potter\'s Orlando

From Vita to Tilda by Andrew White,

Six steps of adaptation

The Orlando Adaptation by Harry Ryan,

The intertextual nature of Sally Potter's film adaptation of Orlando (1992)

Intertextuality in Orlando by Adam Field,

Orlando by Faiqa Ahmed-Khan,

Intertextuality in Orlando

Orlando by Sarah Fivash,

Intertextuality in Orlando: gender fluidity and the re-shaping/accentuasion of themes and essence.

Intertextuality in Orlando by Philippa Selby,

Exploring intertextuality in Sally Potter's 'Orlando' (1992)

ORLANDO: 1928 - 1992 by Patrick Strain,

in my pathway i will be looking at the intertexuality between Virginia Woolf's 1928 novel and Sally Potter's 1992 flm Adaptation.

Intertextuality in Orlando by Kathryn Kenny, Student

An exploration of the ways in which Woolf's base text and other texts are incorporated and added into Potter's adaptation.

My Default Pathway by Daniela Vilu, Student

The Great House by Samuel Whyte, Student

The intertextual relationship between Woolf and Potter's imagining of Orlando through the location of Hatfield House.

My Default Pathway by Joel Nazar-Zadeh, Student

My Default Pathway by Joel Nazar-Zadeh, Student

Description Black and white A4 print, Paper, Knole House R&D photograph
Asset ID SPA0000006