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The Shooting Process - an example - scene 35 by Sarah Atkinson, Media Academic

This pathway aims to provide insights into the complexities of creating, constructing and shooting a single shot. As you can see from the list of items in the pathway, a plethora of materials are generated for each shot which can relate to their creative vision (directors notes), their logistical planning (schedules), the tracking and logging of materials (shots, takes and reel numbers, continuity), their previewing (video assist footage) and their documenting (photographic images). I attempt to provide a contextual dialogue for each of the items in the pathway, explaining their function and their relationship to one another. I have also attempted to order the items procedurally to demonstrate the off/on set workflow.

Description Video 8 PAL 90 video cassette, Video 8 video tape, Black and white mute video assist, rushes, Scene 35, slate 447, take 1
Asset ID SPA0000552
Date 24/04/1992
Scene Number 35