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Used in pathways:

Orlando by Tung Mac,

Intertextuality in Orlando

Orlando and intertextuality by Sam O'Sullivan,

Exploring the intertextual nature of Sally Potter\'s Orlando

Adopting Orlando by Ksenia Petrova,

The adaptation of the Novel by Wirginia Wolf "Orlando" and the research of the material used during the filming.

Orlando by Sarah Fivash,

Intertextuality in Orlando: gender fluidity and the re-shaping/accentuasion of themes and essence.

Pathway 2: star intertextuality by Emily Andrews,

The intertextuality of stars in Sally Potter's 'Orlando'. Explore how an actor's parcipitationand performance in a film creates new meaning.

Potter and Woolf by Ada Teistung,

Intertextuality in, and adaptation of Orlando.

Fluidity of Gender by Lindsey Menard, Student

Exploration on the ways in which gender becomes a fluid concept throughout Orlando and the aspects of the film that contribute to this.

The essence of design in adaptation by Mitchell Harris, Student

The focus here is on the nature of design in adaptation. One example includes key aspects such as location from pre-production sketches to how the final set looks in production, and how this relates to the words found in Woolf's novel. Additionally it's interesting to note the differences in adaptation across Orlando's 400 year journey.

the earring in ORLANDO by Xin Zhou, MA Student

EDITED: Costumes in Orlando by Andrea Paul, MA Student

Description 1 x colour slide in transparent plastic hanging sheet, Digital, Film Stills - Scene 3 - (Tilda Swinton) in the film
Asset ID SPA0000418
Date 1992
Scene Number 3