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\'Orlando\' - Pathway 1 by Julian Nshuro,

The Role of Gender In Sally Potters \'Orlando\' by Eleanor Bliss,

The Role of Gender In Sally Potters \'Orlando\' by Eleanor Bliss,

Orlando by Tung Mac,

Intertextuality in Orlando

Orlando and it\'s Intertextuality by Georgina Cranmer,

Adopting Orlando by Ksenia Petrova,

The adaptation of the Novel by Wirginia Wolf "Orlando" and the research of the material used during the filming.

The Orlando Adaptation by Harry Ryan,

The intertextual nature of Sally Potter's film adaptation of Orlando (1992)

Intertextuality in Orlando by Adam Field,

Orlando by Sarah Fivash,

Intertextuality in Orlando: gender fluidity and the re-shaping/accentuasion of themes and essence.

Gender & Identity - Intertextuality in Orlando by William Innes,

An exploration of intertextuality in Orlando through themes of gender and identity. I have chosen this approach as the most obvious, yet complex and interesting theme in Sally Potter's and Virginia Woolf's work. Same person/Same story. No difference. Just a different sex/Just a different medium.

Potter and Woolf by Ada Teistung,

Intertextuality in, and adaptation of Orlando.

My Default Pathway by Ashley Flatley, Student

My Default Pathway by Charles Tirella, Student

Pretty Pathway by Richard Leigh, Student

Description Original Novel, End of preface page 8 left, Chapter 1 beginning page 9 right, annotated underlines and yellow hightlight
Asset ID SPA0002404
Date 1977