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Intertextuality and the Visual Portrayal of Gender in Sally Potter\\\'s \\\'Orlando\\\' by Rosamund Attwood, Student

How did Sally Potter approach the task of bringing to screen the literary exploration of gender demonstrated in Virginia Woolf\'s book?

Gender and Androgyny within Orlando by Anna De Guia-Eriksson, Student

My Default Pathway by Charles Tirella, Student

Gender in Orlando by Amelia Jefferies, Student

The gender of Orlando by Maria Moller Kjeldgaard, Student

Fluidity of Gender by Lindsey Menard, Student

Exploration on the ways in which gender becomes a fluid concept throughout Orlando and the aspects of the film that contribute to this.

Orlando from Novel to Film by Rea Anastasopoulou, Student

Pathway to reflect upon and illustrate the process of adapting Virginia Woolf’s 1928 novel, Orlando, to film.

My Default Pathway by Celso Castro, Student

Gender/Androgyny in Orlando by Joanna Sidorick, Student

My Default Pathway by Billie Hawes, Student

My Default Pathway by Jasmine Ye, Student

My Default Pathway by Jai Choi, Student

The female and the other by Easmanie Michel, Student

The female consciousness throughout the film. Orlando supports the poet because of his otherness

Orlando is a woman? by Easmanie Michel, Student

The stillness and restrictions that happen cinematically upon Orlando's gender transformation.

Description Page 5 of general notes on Orlando, black printed text on A4 paper
Asset ID SPA0001919
Date 24/10/1988