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Intertextuality and the Visual Portrayal of Gender in Sally Potter\\\'s \\\'Orlando\\\' by Rosamund Attwood, Student

How did Sally Potter approach the task of bringing to screen the literary exploration of gender demonstrated in Virginia Woolf\'s book?

My Default Pathway by Charles Tirella, Student

Pretty Pathway by Richard Leigh, Student

The Idea of Gender as a Performance by James Kruglinski, Student

Both Virginia Woolf and Sally Potter are interested in exploring the duality of gender through the story of Orlando. Is a person's sex something that is fixed? Are men and women really that different? Perhaps gender is not something that has already been predetermined. Rather, Woolf and Potter propose that it's an ideology “that has been reinforced by tradition, inheritance and convention”. Both the novel and the film use Orlando’s sex change as an opportunity to explore and discover the answer to this issue.

Gender/Androgyny in Orlando by Joanna Sidorick, Student

The Royal Pathway by Emily Nabasny, MA Student

My Default Pathway by Jasmyn Castro, Student

Costumes in Orlando by Mischa Andreski, Associate Producer/Assistant t

A pathway exploring the costume design of the film.

Description 8x10" black and white photograph of Quentin Crisp as Queen Elizabeth I
Asset ID SPA0001270