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Used in pathways:

Hauntings: Woolf\'s Orlando as Ghost by Sophie Mayer,

Looking at the presence of Virginia Woolf\'s novel Orlando in Potter\'s cinematic adaptation, thinking particularly about ideas of haunting and ghosting.

The Role of Gender In Sally Potters \'Orlando\' by Eleanor Bliss,

The Role of Gender In Sally Potters \'Orlando\' by Eleanor Bliss,

Orlando and intertextuality by Sam O'Sullivan,

Exploring the intertextual nature of Sally Potter\'s Orlando

Orlando by Tasha Loch,

Exploring the intertextual nature of Sally Potter's film, Orlando

Intertextuality- Orlando by Natalie Marcus,

Orlando by Sarah Fivash,

Intertextuality in Orlando: gender fluidity and the re-shaping/accentuasion of themes and essence.

orlando intertextuality by Emily Andrews,

Creating your own online ‘pathway’, use the SP-ARK multi-media archive to reflect upon and illustrate the intertextual nature of Orlando (1928 and 1992).

Gender & Identity - Intertextuality in Orlando by William Innes,

An exploration of intertextuality in Orlando through themes of gender and identity. I have chosen this approach as the most obvious, yet complex and interesting theme in Sally Potter's and Virginia Woolf's work. Same person/Same story. No difference. Just a different sex/Just a different medium.

Intertextual Nature of Orlando by Meredith Veach,

a look into the production design and the obvious themes of gender vs identity and the need to conform to society.

Orlando by Abigail Stroman,

Exploring Intertextuality in Orlando

Intertextuality in Orlando by Kathryn Kenny, Student

An exploration of the ways in which Woolf's base text and other texts are incorporated and added into Potter's adaptation.

Intertextuality and the Visual Portrayal of Gender in Sally Potter\\\'s \\\'Orlando\\\' by Rosamund Attwood, Student

How did Sally Potter approach the task of bringing to screen the literary exploration of gender demonstrated in Virginia Woolf\'s book?

Intertextuality and gender in Orlando by Rachel Clarkstone, Student

Gender and Androgyny within Orlando by Anna De Guia-Eriksson, Student

Pretty Pathway by Richard Leigh, Student

Intertextuality in Orlando by Nicolas Segura, Student

Gender in Orlando by Julia Howard, Student

Voyeurism and the Camera\'s Point of View by Heather Wakeman, Student

My pathway contains assets that explore the point of view of the camera and the placement of the camera as a voyeur. It evolved from a note that Sally Potter wrote on her shooting script: "The camera as a voyeur--behind something." From this note, I decided to find other assets that highlight a voyeuristic placement of the camera and thus the audience. My assets range from the camera positioning in intimate scene to Potter describing her use of character address in her director's commentary.

My Default Pathway by Nicole Moir, Student

Gender/Androgyny in Orlando by Joanna Sidorick, Student

My Default Pathway by Clara Garcia Gomez, Student

Gender and Sexuality in Orlando by Melanie Allickson, Student

My Default Pathway by Karolina Obrecka, Student

Gender, Style, Tilda Swinton by Carolyn Reese, MA Student

My Default Pathway by Jai Choi, Student

Costumes in Orlando by Mischa Andreski, Associate Producer/Assistant t

A pathway exploring the costume design of the film.

Description 1 x colour slide in transparent plastic hanging sheet, Digital, Film Stills - Scene 58 - (Tilda Swinton) and Shelmerdine (Billy Zane) in the film
Asset ID SPA0000440
Date 1992
Scene Number 66