Welcome to SP-ARK

SP-ARK is an interactive online project based on the multi-media archive of film-maker Sally Potter.

A unique educational resource, SP-ARK is designed to enhance your access to, and knowledge of, film and filmmaking, whatever your interests.

By telling the story of a film by showing every aspect of the production –from the initial idea through screenwriting, budgeting and casting to the composition of an individual shot – SP-ARK invites you to become part of a new generation of film scholars and viewers who understand film inside out.

Our Archive has over 4000 items

With documentation of every aspect of production, SP-ARK offers access all areas. Think of it as "film school out of the box."

The site currently holds over 4000 items, including annotated handwritten scripts, screen tests, production diaries, personal notes, production schedules, costume designs, and behind-the-scenes photographs.

State-of–the-art visual browser

This innovative image browser organises 1135 key frames from throughout Orlando according to the colours that appear in each frame, so you can trace patterns through the film.

This cutting-edge application also allows users to browse thousands of archival assets and connect them to frames and scenes from the film.


Pathways are where you interact with SP-ARK.

A pathway is a way of recording your findings in the SP-ARK archives, a virtual notebook or image blog in which you can order and annotate assets that interest you. Creating pathways is the principal educational functions for site users.